Sunday, September 16, 2012

Mists of Pandaria stable

This took way too long to figure out, but after stable-6.png, I think I've finally settled on it. I've also decided to rewrite this post and include my Cataclysm stables, too. (This may or may not have to do with Erinys' comment below.)

In any case, the idea is to go from this

The names in bold are those pets I've already released; only Echeyakee (Saliman) and Humar (Fender) remain as they were my first tames from when I was a baby hunter (aw yeah getting ganked in the Barrens, cough).

I don't know why I named them what I did, but most of my other pets' names do have a reason(ing) behind them.
• Kira: dark, ruler
• Linh: spirit, soul
     Releasing Ban'thalos hurt my ego (:<) since I spent so much time derping around taming him (partially because I was worried someone might kill/tame him while I was trying to).
• Xylia: forest dweller, "of the woods" (which is where I tamed her)
• Kona: lady
     Kona and Kanu (wild cat) I'd picked out for Ankha and Magria, but I realized Magria was a he and Gondria definitely a she, so I paired her up with Ankha instead.
• Taro: inverted the vowels of the Japanese tora (cat) so it would sound male.

I have a hard time bonding with female pets, no love lost there.

to this:
Heart: here to stay, not releasing
Heart with cross: only using for abilities they provide, high chance to abandon
No mark: like and feel no need to abandon

Besides Heroism from a corehound, I should have every other buff and debuff covered this way. If I do stay BM, I'll probably get both a corehound and a quilen for sheer utility while running heroics. With BM being the FotM-spec, I'm curious to see if/how/when it will get nerfed. Was looking forward to Survival finally being fully viable in pvp, sadly I'm still inclined toward MM.

I might get around to making a list of the buffs all these pets provide, if I can manage to locate my notebook and decipher the barely legible scribblings. As for my other pet names:
• Plumpy, Speedie and Legs are my silly-silly names. (Plumpy might be a reference to Blackadder and Legs made more sense when he was still a tripod but, I decided I do not like tripods.)
• Booth, Aka, Tako, Loki and Scar were chosen simply because I like how they sound
• Fender is my hopeless attempt to keep Humar with me (see above)
• Tau is tswana/sesotho for "lion" (yes, yes, he's really a tiger)
• Paka means "kitten" (forgot origin); after I abandoned Gondria (Kona) there was no reason left for Kanu
• Nilson is inspired by Pippi Longstocking's faithful companion - I have no idea what else to name a monkey
• Bane from bane, noun, a cause of great distress; something that causes death - rather fitting for a pitch-black wolf, I'd say
• Lihau Hawaiian for "gentle rain"; I originally found this crane around a small body of water looking very peaceful
• Tai strong (forgot the origin)
• Saki native American for "favorite"; out of the cats he was my favorite until I tamed Shango
• Aleki from Alexei, "defender of man", chosen after he did a roar animation at a beast he'd protected me from while I was considering to release him
Shango to the Yoruba Shango is the god of storms, thunder, and lightning. Originally the name I had picked out for Skoll, but once Skoll was tamed, it seemed more like a cat-name.

Firefox was originally named just Fox, but I'm wondering if I should name him Lucius. Get it, anyone?


  1. I really need to do something similar but the thought of getting rid of any of my pets to make way for new ones/better distribution of buffs makes me sad.

    Also as a huge Morgan Freeman fan, Lucius gets my vote :)

    1. I've not been able to bond with all my pets, most of the time I stick to one tame until I've found another.

      And yay, you got it!

  2. I love how you follow color themes with your pets. My hunter, Thelandira, went and tamed as many white colored pets that she could (when we got 20 slots) to match her pre-transmog play clothes...which were all white. I've since dwindled down her collection, as I have on my other hunter Sheeturself, but still follow color schemes with their transmogged gear. Maybe I'll get screenies of both their outfits and pets put together for my blog someday.

    1. Especially with the MOP stable, I went out of my way to keep the 'color' in it (only the cranes were impulse-picks); I think it might look nice with Stampede.

      Oh, please do! I'm always curious to see other hunters' stable (themes) and their outfits, or how they coordinate them around their pets :D

    2. Challenge accepted and I will begin working on it right away! I do have an old web-page I made up to show off to my guild, before we got Transmogrification. It's of my "white" pet theme. You can peek at it now before I do an updated one. Enjoy!