Monday, June 4, 2012

Things to get done before the end of the Shattering (aka the Bucket List)

#1: Kill Deathwing on Heroic difficulty on raiding main.

#2: Get the following leatherworking recipes:
Stylin' Crimson Hat
Stylin' Jungle Hat
Black Dragonscale Shoulders

#3: a) Complete Higher Learning.

b) Complete The Coin Master and possibly Accomplished Angler
Still no Sea Turtle, and nearing 10.000 casts. (Sad panda-moment.)

#4: Prepare alts for Mists. This means:
a) For my priest:
- level to 85 (now 50)
- max out jewelcrafting and alchemy
- max out cooking

b) For my death knight:
- level to 75 (now 64)
- max out blacksmithing

#5: Clean out guild banks, bags and personal banks.
I have three guild banks with 4, 5 and 6 tabs which are all filled with more crap than you could ever imagine. I just keep filling them with more crap!

#6: Get the archaeology raptor mount.
It's the only reason I picked up archaeology - the RNG gods do not favor me.

#7: Clear out my hunter's stables.
This will be a difficult one, but I want to make some space for Mists of Pandaria beasts.

#8: Farm exalted rep with Alliance Vanguard.
So I can get the chopper schematic!


  1. I didn't even think of that, I have no idea how many old pets are hanging around in my Hunter's stable. Better check.

    1. I realized it after I saw the new beast skins on Petopia. Hoping the rare pets will be announced, so I'll know for sure how many free slots I'll need.