Saturday, June 9, 2012

A few of my favorite things

Posts have been slow, but I'm nearly half-way through my exams so I'll be updating my blogs more regularly in three week's time.

Meanwhile, this is a - be it rather late - response to this week's Shared Topic on Blog Azeroth, where Cymre of Bubbles of Mischief suggested the following:
"What are the top three items on your main that you just love for sentimental, fun or silly reasons and would hate to lose?"
Much like fivequarters of Argus or Bust I clear out my banks and inventories with every expansion pack, and Cataclysm wasn't any different. Off the top of my head, I would hate to lose my Carrot on a Stick because it is the only Vanilla/TBC item I have left and it brings back fond memories. It seems I had it both on my mage and druid, although I only recall doing the quest line with my druid.

Looking at it from a different angle and thought about why I would be sad if one of my characters was deleted or fell into the hands of someone with bad intentions.

My mage was created in TBC and later got a faction change pre-Cata. This was the biggest mistake of my Warcraft life, I never played her after that so I had no problem with vendor trashing most of her stuff once Cataclysm was launched.

While my druid is definitely my main, I have no items I couldn't stand to lose. If I hàd to choose something, it would probably be the Feralheart pieces but since I never finished the set, I'm not very attached to it and with the Darkmoon Faire the novelty of having that set is gone, in my opinion.

My rogue was Cataclysm-borne so there's just one item of real interest there; I wouldn't mind having to level her all over again but I'd be very disappointed having to to re-do the 15-day farm for Jaded Crystal Dagger. There's no story here, just that I think it's an amazing model and it took incredibly long (in my eyes) before it finally dropped for me. (And, of course, the one day that I ran that dungeon on an alt to boost a friend, both the dagger ànd the phoenix dropped.)

That leaves my hunter. I'd be very, very sad if that character was somehow gone. Yet, I don't have any epic items like bows that can no longer be obtained, so what is this all about?

In my real life, I'm very concerned with animals (up to a point where I sometimes prefer their company over that of people - not my friends though, of course). There is honesty in them that you don't find in people and they can be loyal like no other. Not long ago was I in an animal shelter for abused pets and one of the cats there caught my attention. She had been tortured by her owner, who had thrown a fair amount of acid over her, and she still came to me, purring, asking for pettings. My dad said that she must've been a really lovable cat before the accident as well because evidently she still trusted humans after having been through hell at the hand of one (he was stunned at how anyone could do something so cruel to an animal that is clearly this kind-spirited).

I love having a pet around when I do things and that's why I'll play a hunter class where I can. I would be sad to lose any of my pets, since I've bonded with most of them and they all have their quirks and traits. When I tamed a devilsaur I wasn't sure I'd keep him. While I was thinking this over a mob attacked me and he killed it, then did that 'roar' animation at its corpse - as if he was trying to say, hey, don't you mess mess with my owner. It's all just timing, I know, but I kept him and named him Aleki, from Alexei ("defender of man").

Watch out for explosive sheep

But, if I had to choose one pet there is no discussion which one it would be. When it was time for me to head out to Northrend, this pitch-black wolf with an oily aura caught my eye. With some help of a friend and two hours of patience, I finally managed to tame one and named him Bane. The glitch that was used to tame beasts like that was removed with 4.3.3, so now I'm afraid to take him out of his stables in case something happens. I'd be devastated if I were to lose him, without his coat he's just a normal wolf to me. Even though I replaced him with Fox (my first tame of the Cataclysm!) as a solo questing pet and a new favorite, the fact that he has a unique appearance makes him my most prized possession.